"We don’t shoot faces, we shoot souls”

"We don’t shoot faces, we shoot souls”


"We don’t shoot faces, we shoot souls.”

These are the words that left my lips the day we shot our PRIDE x PROUD campaign. In today’s world, we are all models. We model our values, our beliefs, we model our environment, our choices and the things that make us happy. As a startup label, booking models and talent is something that can chew up a chunk of budget when releasing new collections.

Have you noticed how times have changed?

What is a model? Who are they? No longer a super human strutting on a runway, a model is you, a model is me…. 

Brands work hard to showcase their diversity, inclusivity & acceptance, and as a result, now more than ever, ‘models’ look like everyday people and everyday people look like models. So stop and ask yourself, what do I model?

We are so proud of our PRIDE x PROUD campaign. If we could bottle the energy from the day and share it with you all, we would in a heartbeat. Words can’t describe the vibe and energy that day.

“We don’t shoot faces, we shoot souls.”

Our campaign captures the energy & soul of the community, and we hope that you too, can feel the love that we felt behind the lens that day.

“A great photograph, a true piece of art, can actually capture the soul of any moment shared between friends, nature, light, and life.”

We are on an endless pursuit to radiate creative positivity, and #SpreadThatGood worldwide, one Spread at a time. 

We are proud to represent diversity & individuality, in every way that means to you. When you wear Butter Up and commit to BU (to Be Yourself), you commit to self-acceptance and love, you commit to feeling proud.

Proud of diversity, love and our community.

Let us know your thoughts…we want to know; @butterup_co

With Love,


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