Pride and Proud - two similar words but with different meanings. 

Pride is a sense of dignity and satisfaction that an individual gains from something. It can be used as a noun or a verb.

Proud is the feeling of pride and is an adjective used to describe one’s feeling towards something or someone.

As we approached the month of WorldPride, we felt more and more excited about having the opportunity to celebrate diversity and further the protest against LGBTQIA+ discrimination. 

We knew we wanted to create something from the heart for the community, but we also wanted something that everyone could take part in - after all, we want every month, every year, every day and every moment to be PRIDE, long after WorldPride is over. 

Here at Butter Up Co. we are all about inclusivity and strive to Spread That Good by encouraging everyone to BE YOU. From this, we decided to create something that celebrates both Pride and Proud.

Our PRIDE & PROUD Spread is designed for individuals who take pride in diversity, and individuals who are proud of pride.

The theme of this year’s WorldPride is to Gather, Dream and Amplify - so let’s do this TOGETHER and Spread That Good.

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