"We don’t shoot faces, we shoot souls” - A message from Jenna Davies

"We don’t shoot faces, we shoot souls” - A message from Jenna Davies


"We don’t shoot faces, we shoot souls.”

These are the words that left my lips the day we shot our PRIDE x PROUD campaign. In today’s world, we are all models. We model our values, our beliefs, we model our environment, our choices and the things that make us happy. As a startup label, booking models and talent is something that can chew up a chunk of budget when releasing new collections.

Have you noticed how times have changed?

What is a model? Who are they? No longer a super human strutting on a runway, a model is you, a model is me…. 

Brands work hard to showcase their diversity, inclusivity & acceptance, and as a result, now more than ever, ‘models’ look like everyday people and everyday people look like models. So stop and ask yourself, what do I model?

We are so proud of our PRIDE x PROUD campaign. If we could bottle the energy from the day and share it with you all, we would in a heartbeat. Words can’t describe the vibe and energy that day.

“We don’t shoot faces, we shoot souls.”

Our campaign captures the energy & soul of the community, and we hope that you too, can feel the love that we felt behind the lens that day.

“A great photograph, a true piece of art, can actually capture the soul of any moment shared between friends, nature, light, and life.”

We are on an endless pursuit to radiate creative positivity, and #SpreadThatGood worldwide, one Spread at a time. 

We are proud to represent diversity & individuality, in every way that means to you. When you wear Butter Up and commit to BU (to Be Yourself), you commit to self-acceptance and love, you commit to feeling proud.

Proud of diversity, love and our community.

Let us know your thoughts…we want to know; @butterup_co

With Love,


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