The Power of People

The Power of People

Our people, your people.

It was so heart-warming to shoot our CLOUD NINE capsule over the last week. To see it worn with style and turned into its own, to see each individual adopt it, own it and represent their unique spirit in Butter Up, quite literally put us on cloud nine.

Our latest lookbook encapsulates the essence of our brand. Togetherness. Community. Pride. Style. Individuality. Inclusivity. 

As a start up in this space, a brand founded by three people with passion and a desire to share a message, daring to be different, there’s nothing more inspiring and encouraging than when the people around you lift you up.



It makes one wonder, what could we all achieve with the support of our people? What can we dream of, be, think, see, do, with the support of each other? It’s in these moments that you realise that you can have what you want, be what you want, because in the wise words of The Notorious B.I.G, the sky’s the limit.

Butter Up is more than a brand or a label, it’s a community. We see that every day, every time you share your style and your version of all buttered up.

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We are all trying to spread good vibes, feel them, share them, be them, which is why this campaign means everything to us as founders. 

We love the way the hoodie hangs differently on everyone.

We love the way the track pants fit as if they were made for you.

We love the look on your faces when you touch the material, step into it, wear it and smile.

We love the “wow” moment when you feel the buttery quality – some even describing it like a ‘warm hug’.

We’re proud to have captured that, and we captured all of it. 

Big smiles.

Big vibes.

Bigger love. 

We can’t wait for you to experience that CLOUD NINE feeling; that moment you step out of your everyday busy schedules, responsibilities, commitments, and into cloud nine each time you put on Butter Up.

Spread that good!

BU - Be You

Much love,

Your Butter Up Team


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