Vasi's Valentine Edit

Vasi's Valentine Edit


Whether you’ve got a romantic night planned with your other half or celebrating with your friends, it’s always nice to have a day dedicated to love. I can already feel some eye rolls, but just hear me out! Valentine’s Day can mean so many different things, it doesn’t have to be the cliche cheesy romance - staring into each other’s eyes - type, it can simply be a day to celebrate the people you love. In a fast-paced world, we can often forget to pause and really appreciate the special people in our lives - for some of us it’s even hard to express - so when your words escape you in the daily nuances of life, we can use the beloved (or infamous) V-Day to our advantage. If you’re still not convinced, then let’s just agree that any opportunity to dress up after these last few years is worth celebrating!

Speaking of the last few years, I think I can safely say that most of us have seen an endless rotation between our sweats and pyjamas. So if you’re anything like me, dressing up can be both exciting and a bit daunting. A part of me wants to look fabulous again, but the other part just wants to be comfortable - is that too much to ask!? Well in the wise words of the little girl from the Old El Paso ad that has stuck with us ever since, I say, ‘porque no los dos?’. 




This year I’m going for comfort and style - I refuse to let my pyjamas get any more airtime than they deserve! Pair that with my mix & match mantra and you get an oversized tee with statement bottoms. I’m talkin’ funky skirt, bright colours, printed pants - get creative and have fun with it! Don’t have any of these sitting in your wardrobe? That’s also fine! I would tuck an oversized tee in a high waisted pantsuit & blazer or my favourite pair of jeans. Either way, as long as we feel good then we look good, after all, the best thing we can wear is confidence!

Vasi xxo


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